3 Instagram Story Hacks You Probably Didn't Know

You'll want to save this post for later! Who doesn't love a few little hacks to help them out on Instagram? Today we're specifically looking at Instagram stories. Are you ready? Here we gooooo. 👇🏼

🌟 How To Change Your Story Highlight Cover Without Posting

You'll never have to post "just changing my cover highlights, ignore the next few slides" everrrr again. Changing your covers is easy peasy 🍋 squeezy.

• Tap and hold down on the Story Highlight you want to change the cover of

• Tap "Edit Highlight"

• Tap "Edit Cover"

• Towards the bottom, tap the photo icon

• This will pop up your camera roll and then you can choose whichever photo you'd like as your cover. Voilà!

🌟 How To Change The Background Color Of A Post You've Added To Your Story

You may have seen others do this and wondered how the heck can I do that too?! Well here's the trick -

• Head to the post you want to share via your story

• Tap the airplane share icon

• Tap "add post to your story"

• Tap the brush tool

• Choose which color you'd like

• Tap and hold your screen until the color appears

🌟 How To Access More Text/Brush Colors In Stories

With this hack you'll be able to choose any color under the rainbow 🌈 (and then some).

• Open stories

• Select the brush tool

• Tap and hold on any of the colors IG already provides

• Keep holding until a color slider pops up

From there you can choose whichever color your heart desires. This hack will help you keep certain features more on brand. 🖋

Now it's your turn to try! Which hack did you love learning about the most?