Why You Should Be Using Pinterest to Grow Your Business

Pinterest is often misunderstood by many small businesses. This tool is most commonly referred to as a social media platform, however it is more accurately described as a search engine. Because of this it’s a great opportunity for your business to increase awareness, gain web traffic, and even develop new leads! Did you know that Pinterest is one of the largest website traffic drivers?

Setting up a successful pin doesn’t have to be overwhelming. First you’ll want to create a creative title. Next you’ll want to write a description of your pin that will draw people in. Just like you would write a caption on Instagram, keep it conversational. Keywords are another important part to your description. Add phrases someone would use when searching for a pin like yours. Don’t forget your call-to-action. “Click to read full post” or “Save this pin for later” are popular CTA’s used. It’s also smart to add in 3-5 hashtags to your description. This will help your pin to be seen across a wider audience. With each pin you create, you should be leading users back to your product or website.

Here is an example of real results from one of my clients Pinterest accounts -


Within just one month’s time of managing the profile, my client’s average monthly viewers went from just under 20,000 to over 60,000. That’s a 450% increase!

You can add more visibility to your profile by organizing your boards and by keeping your bio fresh. Your Pinterest strategy should include at the very least one pin per day. It’s important to remain consistent with content. Apps like Tailwind are great resources to help manage and schedule out pins in advance. By optimizing your Pinterest, others will be able to find your content which will lead to more traffic and potential sales.

Are there any Pinterest tips that you have had success with? Leave a comment below!