How to Optimize A Facebook Event Page

As an event manager and organizer, I’ve learned truly how valuable Facebook events can be. They are a great way to promote and generate buzz. If you haven’t worked Facebook or Facebook events into your marketing strategy yet you should consider it.

It’s important to set up your Facebook event properly. There is always a method to the madness. You’ll find success in a well put together and promoted event. Follow the strategies below for a Facebook event that will give you real rockin’ results.

  1. Cover Photo - This is vital to a good event page. Sizing is very important here so make sure your photo is 1920x1080 pixels. If you need help creating a cover photo you can use helpful softwares like Canva. Another thing to consider with your cover photo is the image itself. Keep text limited and make sure it’s easy to read. Choose an image that’s going to be eye catching and on point with the rest of your brand

  2. Event Name - Keep it short and simple. Event titles are limited to 140 characters, but longer titles won’t look as good and they also have a lower chance of being seen - especially on a mobile device. Because of Facebook Rules it’s also important to stay away from improper capitalization and unnecessary symbols or punctuation.

  3. Add all the data - This step is the most missed. In order to have a chance at being seen and working with Facebook’s algorithm it’s best to fill out all of the proper data. Don’t miss these sections:

    • Description
    • Category
    • Date
    • Start time
    • End time
    • Co-hosts (if any)
    • Keywords

    You don’t want the descripton to be too long, but not too short eihter. Make sure it’s informative and attention-grabbibng. Use this opportunity to also tag any event collaborators or sponsors. Spread the love!

    Keywords are another category that many miss. Please don’t the next time you create an event. Facebook only allows you to choose three, so make them count. You’ll want to think of words others might be searching to find an event like yours, such as “dancing” “dj music” or “acoustic music”.

  4. Use a company page - This might go without saying if you’re a small business, but company event pages will get more traction than a personal profile event. By using a company page you also are able to utlize the already built following of the company.

  5. Share and promote - Once the event is published don’t forget to share and promote it! Start senidng out invites and making scheduled posts. This will help with engagment and reach.

Using content and social media is a great way to help spread the word about an event or your company. Interested in more social media tips? Feel free to shoot me a message!