4 Ways to Keep Your Small Business Organized

If there’s one thing I have learned as a small business owner and entrepreneur, it’s that you cannot replace time. The sooner you come to realize this the better. Part of being organized means that you efficiently and effectively manage that time that is oh so precious to us. Being an entrepreneur means being pulled in all directions. We have meetings to go to, clients to call, our own company to run, and more - all while trying to balance a personal life. This seems like a lot to do and it can be. Take a deep breath. Organization and peace of mind are not out of reach! Here are 4 ways to keep your small business organized.

  1. First things first - declutter.  You’ll perform at your highest when you have a clean workspace. The organization of your desk can oftentimes be a reflection of the organization of your business. So files those papers, discard of any waste, and make sure everything has a place. This is a lesson straight from Marie Kondo. When everything has a designated place it’s always easy to find and easier to keep tidy. Once you’ve purged the clutter, think about adding a little green to your office space. Having plants around has many benefits such as increased productivity and improved air quality.

  2. Cloud Storage is another great way to reduce the clutter. If you aren’t using Google Drive yet in your business, I highly recommend that you do. By using Google Drive you will find it much easier to store and view documents no matter where you are. It’s also a great way to back-up documents and projects that you’re working on. Google Drive makes it easy to share files with a client or virtual assistant that you both can edit.

  3. One of my favorite ways of staying organized in my small business is planning ahead. Each night I make sure to sit down and plan ahead for the next day. I grab a piece of paper and write down my to-do’s and what I would like to accomplish tomorrow. This helps to lay my priorities out and gives me a game plan for the morning.

  4. Lastly to keep your small business organized, ask for help. It’s okay to want to take a break from one of the many hats that we wear as entrepreneurs. If you’re feeling too overwhelmed it might be time to outsource. Maybe you need help with emails or your social media strategy is taking up too much of your day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in some areas of your business. Asking for help is an opportunity for growth and support of your brand.

An organized mindset is an organized and successful business. Do you have any organization tips for small business owners?