How to Create the Perfect Instagram Bio for 2019

Have you updated your Instagram bio recently? If not, now is your chance! Instagram is becoming the #1 spot to be. Who you are, what you do, and how you do it should easily be conveyed on your profile. You want to make it easy for your audience and new followers to quickly learn about your page. Remember - first impressions are everything!

Here are some tips on how you can create the perfect Instagram bio that will promote your brand while attracting new customers.

Take Advantage of the Name Field
The name field on Instagram is the bold heading right above your bio. Typically, users like to enter in their username. This is your chance to get creative! What many fail to know is that this field is searchable. What do you think your target audience would search to find an account like yours? For example, my bio name contains the phrase “social media manager” because that’s a phrase one might search if they are in need of social media management services.

You can also choose to put in a nickname, abbreviation, or other prominent keywords that will help to discover your account such as Travel, Health, or Fitness. Be mindful that you are only allowed up to 30 characters in the name field.

Optimize Your Bio
Your bio on instagram should be clear why someone should follow you. If it’s not clear from your name field, explain who you are. Then you want to showcase what you do. Who does you or your business help? How do you help those who you serve?

Try to use keywords here to attract your ideal followers. You can include things such as skill sets or quirky interests - show off your personality! Instagram only allows you 150 characters so use the space wisely.

Emoji’s are a great way to break up the spaces in your bio while also getting creative visually. You can also add relevant hashtags or tag other accounts in your bio. There are so many ways to make yourself seen and stand out if you have the right instagram bio strategy.

Create a CTA (Call-To-Action) for Your Link
Check your Instagram bio right now. Does it have a CTA? Many users just put in the link to their website or blog post without explaining the link. Tell those coming to your page what is in it for them. Maybe you have a downloadable or a free course they can take. It’s important to drive others to that link. If you want to have more than one clickable link in your bio there are many resources to help you achieve that such as -,, or

Choose the Correct Category
If you have a business profile you can choose a category for your business. This is the light colored text that appears under your name. At a glance, this is a great way for those coming to your profile to see what you do. Keep in mind - this only shows up on mobile so those visiting your page from a desktop may not see it.

Updated Contact Info
Instagram has truly become a form of communication. It can lead to sales and potential clients. Because of this you want to make sure your contact information is up to date. If you have a business profile you have the option of making your phone, number, email, and even your address available for people to easily find you.


Just like that, with a few simple updates your Instagram bio will be ready to take on the new year!