Meet Earnest Communication's Newest Intern: Julie!


Hey! I’m Juliana. A 24 year old; living on the East Side of Milwaukee. I work in the food & beverage industry but have recently gotten into social media; joining the Epicurean Chronicles team, last year and now interning at Earnest Communication!

Why are you interested in the social media industry? / Where does your interest in social media stem from? I’ve had social media accounts ever since it was a thing. I’ve used every platform, have had blogs, etc but it’s just in the past year that I realized how big of a business it is. It’s fast paced, always changing and you literally have the opportunity to reach the almost 8 billion people on the planet who could be utilizing it in some way. 

What is your favorite social media platform to use? Definitely Instagram! I think their features are a lot more interactive and engaging than other platforms. 

What do you do for fun? Having a food Instagram; I obviously love trying out new restaurants & bars. I’m always going to events that are happening around the city (networking, farmers/night markets, wine tastings) I read a bunch, play volleyball, listen to podcasts. 

How do you take your coffee? Depends on my mood! I usually get an iced oat milk latte but sometimes I’ll do cold brew with a pump of syrup. 

What is your favorite type of food or local restaurant? Such a hard question! I like all types of food but I especially dig restaurants that make authentic dishes; using ingredients and cooking methods that are based off of where the cuisine originated from. 

What are 3 interesting facts about yourself? 

  1. I study wine! Certified sommelier exam, here I come. 🎉 

  2. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Umbria, Italy. ✈️

  3. I played volleyball growing up but basketball is without a doubt my favorite sport. 🏀

What big goals do you have for 2020?

  • Do projects that I’m totally passionate about; that are also lucrative

  • Pass certified Somm exam

  • Get smart about my finances 

What are you most excited to learn as an intern for Earnest Communication? Personal Branding, Engagement, and Email Marketing!

Where can others find you online? Check out my instagram @juleseatsmke