How to Define and Build Your Audience

So you’re a new company starting from 0, maybe you went through a rebranding process, or you’ve decided to take your business in a different direction - whichever it is you need to build your audience up!

Let’s start with who your audience actually is.

Things to keep in mind when defining your audience:

  • They actively visit and engage with your content

  • They look for new content from you

  • They are a consumers, clients, or subscribers of yours

  • They support you and relate to you and your brand

Before you begin building your audience think of who your dream client is. This will help you to better define who you want your audience to be.

Some questions to ask yourself during this process:

  • What is your niche?

  • What kind of problems do you want to solve?

  • What industry are your dream clients in?

  • What age is your ideal client?

  • Are they a local company or a larger corporation?

Once you’ve answered some of those questions, you can move on to building your audience.

The first step in building an audience? Mailing list. Once you have set up your website and social accounts, make sure to have a little sign up box for your desired audience to share and use. You can then use subscription to your newsletter or e-mailings as content for social. Double whammy!

Let’s talk about content for a minute. Content is very important. In order to build your target audience you need to make sure that you (your brand) is creating consistent and meaningful content. After all, you’ll need something to draw your audience in and keep them coming back.

You can create engaging content through interactive storytelling. Capture your audience’s attention through relatable, relevant content. Share a personal story, a journey, or a struggle you experienced. Remember to focus on quality and have a strategy.

Key tip → don’t forget to document your strategy. This is vital for your growth. It’s not always just about the end product. What steps did you take to get there?

Once you see your audience starting to engage with your content that means it’s time for some good ol’ love and nurturing - build those relationships. You can do this by simply talking to your audience. Make sure you are replying to comments, responding to messages, and showing an interest in them. This goes a long way.

Building your audience can take some time, so be patient. Remember to have a strong voice, be consistent, really master your skills, and put in the work! Your results will surely show.