How to Use Hashtags

It’s more than just a pound symbol and some random words or phrases. Hashtags are meant to be intentional and when used correctly can be beneficial to your content strategy.

Hashtags are a form of “tagging” that is used to group together popular, or trending topics. When used on social media:

  • hashtags help social platforms categorize posts and make them visible in search results

  • hashtags help users find related content

    The most common hashtags used are mass appeal hashtags. These are general hashtags that are already created, frequently used, and sought out. Using already created hashtags can be the best way to gain reach and engagement with a new audience. I say that because users who don’t follow you have the chance to see your post based on the hashtag used - thus creating an opportunity for your brand to be seen!

Let’s go through some Dos and Don’ts of using hashtags:

DO be relevant - Hashtags allow communities and those with similar interests to come together and share content. If your hashtag is relevant and meaningful to your content it allows you to reach a higher targeted audience. This will then create higher engagement and growth for your brand.

DO use your hashtags differently to the social platform being used - Hashtags have the same purpose overall, but they are used in various ways depending on the social platform. For example, Twitter is focused more on specific topics of conversation while Instagram hashtags are used to complement photos, discover new accounts, and gain followers.

DON’T have long hashtags - Remember, hashtags become searched so you want to think of your audience. No one is going to type in a really long hashtag, or a very specific hashtag. Hashtags are meant to make content easier to find.

DON’T hashtag every word - #you #have #too #many #hashtags… remember not to hashtag every word in a sentence. This isn’t going to help you, it makes your content harder to be found, and decreases your engagement.

Hashtags have become a great part of marketing and social media. They don’t have to be difficult to use or understand. So try it out, see the results, and let hashtags grow your brand.