The Power of a Planner

If you are as organized as I am, you know the importance of a really good planner. I am not talking about your digital calendar... I mean a physical agenda that you write in with colorful pens and bright highlighters. Don’t you use a color code system too?

Every year I look forward to trying out a new brand in hopes of finding the absolute perfect planner.

I have a few favorites that I fall back on, but for the past couple of years I have shown support to Passion Planner. 

They offer two different size options - classic and compact. I am partial to the compact version because the size is perfect for me to toss into my work tote and head to any meeting. It’s a soft faux leather and has a cute bright green page saver. The bonus, for me, was the handful of blank and gridded pages in the back for extra notes, which are perfect for brain-dumps.

Passion Planner also just launched their newest edition - the Eco Line. This includes reuseable covers and longer lasting books. Helping to save the environment one planner at a time.

Did I mention that the company was started by a young female entrepreneur working out of her garage? High-five to all of us girl bosses out there! (Who run the world? - Girls.)

Besides all of the amazing qualities of Passion Planner that I have already listed, what really sold me was that they give back. 

For every planner purchased, one is given to someone in need. The #PashFam community helps young individuals, schools, and organizations succeed and achieve their goals. It truly goes to show the simple truth behind the power of a planner.

Find out more about Passion Planner and discover how you can give back here.

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