Building Better Communities, One Local Business at a Time

Did you know that the United States is roughly made up of  28.8 million small businesses, according to the SBA?

There is no doubt that independent companies play a large role in the growth of communities across the nation. Within the past few years, there has been a considerable trend to supporting local, buying local, and growing local. 

The public wants to feel a personal connection with a brand. They want to see the faces of companies and build friendly trust. Local businesses have that desired neighborly charm most consumers seek. 

By supporting these types of establishments you are helping to contribute to the character of your neighborhood. Independent brands offer a type of comforting care and charming quality into each of their products or services.

Not to mention, support of local establishments brings about additional advantages such as helping to boost the economy, providing more jobs, product diversity, and overall bettering your community.

As an independent business owner myself, it is one of my passions to work with others who see this vision. 

If we can all share the same vision then we can work together to build trust and prosperity for our own communities.